Produced by Mark Lomax, II
Recorded at Burke Hall (Denison University, Granville, Ohio)
February 9th & 10th, 2017
Engineered by Mark Lomax, II
Edited & mixed by Mark Lomax, II
Mastered by Storm 9000
Liner Notes by Mark Lomax, II
Cover Design by Mark Lomax, II
Photography by TBD

Mark Lomax, II plays RBH Drums exclusively

The concerts that produced Up South: Conversations were presented as part of Dr. Lomax's appointment as the Melon Artist-in-Residence with the dance department at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. This recording is the sixth installment of 400: An Afrikan Epic, a 12-part musical narrative of Afrika and its diaspora from the beginning of time to 400 years in the future. These musical conversations on Amerikkkan idealism reflect the notion that the fundamental philosophical position of this concept is racist. There was not, and is not now, any real difference between North and South relative to ethnic relations between European Americans and the descendants of Afrika. Slavery was not the reason for the Civil War. That slavery did not exist in the North as it did in the South did not, and does not equate to equity for freed Blacks or the escaped prisoners of horrific human indecency. Because of its racist foundation, Amerikkkan Idealism precluded Afrika's decendants writ large. At no time have Afrikans in Amerikkka been considered an official part of the fabric of the country. And yet, without the immense contributions of this continually traumatized people, Amerikkka's greatness would be wholly diminished.

Through the beauty, soulfulness, and display of excellence captured on this recording, Mark Lomax, II, Edwin Bayard, and Dean Hullett prove that a society can only be as great as the sum of its parts. By historically excluding one of the most valuable elements of its cultural landscape, Amerikkka has never been great, and will never be great until it reconciles with its torrid past.

First Conversation (February 9, 2017)
Second Conversation (February 10, 2017)

Mark Lomax, II- dr
Edwin Bayard- ts
Dean Hulett- bs

Expected release date: January 23, 2019