Concerts|Lectures|Master Classes

Dr. Lomax is excited to uplift and edutain your students and community on a number of topics including: Black Composers, Jazz as Social Commentary, Black Music & Black Power in the Era of #BlackLivesMatter, and Drumversations. Below are a few options that combine concert presentations with lecture/master class styled interactions.

400: An Afrikan Epic

Dr. Lomax discusses his epic work ‘The 400 Years Cycle,’ a composition telling the story of the Afrikan diaspora from pre-colonial Afrika, through the Ma’afa, and into Afro-Futurism expressing a vision of what global Afrikan peoples could be come in the next 400 years as a healthy, high functioning, and united  community.

Activiating the Transformative Power of Trust

Dr. Lomax uses his experiences as a musician as a metaphor for activating the transformative power of trust.

Blues In August: A Tribute to August Wilson