Recorded at Almax Studios
March 20, & April 21, 2022
Edited and mixed at CFG Multimedia Studios
April 22, 2022
Mastered by Storm9000 April 22, 2022
Produced by Mark Lomax, II for CFG Multimedia, LLC
Photo Credits: Bree Davis unless otherwise noted
Cover design by Mark Lomax, II
Mark plays RBH Drums exclusively
visit them at
Mark plays Murat Diril Cymbals exclusively
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Life has many changes. Tomorrow it may rain, and it's supposed to be sunshine, 'cause it's summertime. But God's got a funny soul, he plays like Charlie Parker. ” - Charles Mingus

Trio Plays Mingus

The Mark Lomax Trio

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The Mark Lomax Trio celebrates Charles Mingus' centennial with a masterful tribute featuring classic Mingus compositions and some lesser known gems.

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Charles Mingus left a body of work in his compositions and recordings that provides clues as to how we might achieve that ever-shifting grounding in our own personal power, identity, and authenticity. He proved that recognizing the power of others was better than keeping power to oneself. How do I know? Because every musician that ever played in a Charles Mingus ensemble was encourage to apply their own sound and ideas to his music. THAT’S how he achieved that beautiful grit in his ensemble sound. He practiced what I call collective individualism. We are who we are because we are always in the presence of others. I am because you are and because you are I am. I am only human because you are human. This is what his music taught me. We are eternally grateful to our honored Ancestor for showing the way and offer this humble recording as a small tribute to what we’ve gained from the brilliance, strength, resilience, genius, and power of Charles Mingus.