Recorded at Almax Studios
August 29, 2021
Edited by Mark Lomax, II
Mastered by Storm 9000
October 13, 2021
Produced by Mark Lomax, II for CFG Multimedia, LLC Cover design by Mark Lomax, II

Photography by Jason Wood
Mark plays RBH Drums and Murat Diril Cymbals exclusively
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Edwin Bayard plays Sugal mouthpieces and saxophones exclusively
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Point Zero

The Ogún Meji Duo

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Point Zero is a collection of three spontaneous compositions inspired by conversations about the artistic direction carved out by the great New Orleans saxophonist Kidd Jordan.

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German physicist and Nobel Laureate Werner Heisenberg formulated the uncertainty principle in 1927. The principle states that "we cannot know both the position and the speed of a particle, such as a photon or electron, with perfect accuracy; the more we nail down the particle's position, the less we know about its speed and vice versa." The Heisenberg uncertainty principle applies to any entity with wave-like properties. In the quantum world of particles, we can only know a quantum object's speed or location, not both simultaneously. In quantum physics, the zero-point energy is the product of the Heisenberg principle. Zero-point energy exists when every other type of energy is removed from a system.

Similarly, the expressive power of spontaneous composition by master musicians is the energy that remains when conventional musical elements are removed. The listener often cannot pinpoint the direction and conclusion (location) of the Ogún Meji Duo's improvisatory exploits and the speed at which communication happens between the two. Thus, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle also applies to the production of sound waves by saxophonist Edwin Bayard and drummer Mark Lomax, II.

Point Zero is a collection of three improvisations inspired by conversations about the artistic direction carved out by the great New Orleans saxophonist Kidd Jordan. Spontaneous composition is the highest form of human expression in music, a manifestation of sound from the innermost incarnation of the Self. It is the art of listening. It is collaboration and conversation that equally combines all of one's mind, body, and spirit. Art at this level is ritual. It is rebellion and catharsis. Surrendering to the Creative Force binds us together even as it seems the world is more fragmented than ever.

The fourth track is a meditative solo by Lomax on the theme of letting go. With drums tuned to produce recognizable melodic themes, Lomax establishes a four-note refrain through which the drums pray for peace. This peace can be achieved through the release of ego, values that put profits over people, and a return to balance within ourselves, our societies, the planet, and the divine.

Conceptually, Point Zero reflects the energy that remains after all other forms of power have dissipated and a return to that which is foundational to the survival of the human race, harmony. This recording captures musicians at the height of their powers using their artistic voices to produce the healthy vibrations needed for human beings to reconnect with their humanity.

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