Spirit Music

Mark Lomax, II

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William Menefield- pno Dean Hulett- bs Mark Lomax, II- dr

That Africa is the birthplace of spiritual thought suggests that it was only natural that its descendants in Amerikkka would create an art form called the ‘Spiritual’ out of the pain of an intolerable existence called slavery. This music, an evolution from the combination of traditional songs from West Africa & European hymnody, has given birth to all of ‘Amerikkkan’ music. More importantly, it served as the vibrational backbone of a people condemned to 400 years as property, & other forms of subjugation. And still we rise! It is a music of hope & strength, spirit & rebellion. It is a music created by the souls of Black folk that, with such recordings as this, will continue to inspire the Blues People to look inward for the strength to continue fighting.

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