The Ogún Meji Duo

The Ogún Meji Duo — with drummer Mark Lomax, II joined by saxophonist Eddie Bayard — have created a jazz record sans the platter with the album #BLACKLIVESMATTER released December 31, 2014, by CFG Multimedia. #BLACKLIVESMATTER follows Lomax’s lauded 2014 album, Isis & Osiris (Inarhyme) — which Downbeat declared a “formidable excursion,” and “... [a] melodic force of nature embracing a blues based bottom line and the more traditional African based polyrhythms simply amps up the intensity from their critically acclaimed 2010 release, The State of Black America.” (Bop-N-Jazz)

BLACKLIVESMATTER - featuring samples of powerful revolutionary speeches of the last fifty years - is a digital manifestation of the revolutionary and seemingly prophetic tradition led by artists such as Max Roach, Charles Mingus, Billie Holiday, and Nina Simone. Jazz Columbus says The album shows the strength and impact that jazz can still have when enough skill and emotion are involved.

The release of #BLACKLIVESMATTER occurs just as America is beginning the work of addressing police brutality and the murders of unarmed African Americans- an ideal time to address the issues of race in American culture. Black rage is real, and in these three pieces- so fully realized and imbued with conversant emotion ranging from fury to hope and beyond- you can feel every angle of the investigations present in not only the music, but the inspirations.

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