The Art of Sound

Available for download Summer 2016

Available for download Summer 2016

Produced by Mark Lomax, II for CFG Multimedia, LLC
Recorded at Relay Recording Studio (Columbus, Ohio) January 23, 2016
Engineered by Jon Fintel
Edited and Mixed by Mark Lomax, II & Jon Fintel March ____, 2016
Mastered at CFG Multimedia Studios
Liner notes by Mark Lomax, II
Photo Credits:
Cover by Charles Hairston
Page 1 by Amirah J. Lomax
Page 2 by Don T. Gray
Page 3 by Keigo Hirakawa
Page 4 Mark & Edwin by Meghan Ralston
Cover design by Mark Lomax, II

Mark plays RBH Drums exclusively
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The music captured on this recording contains vibrations of the purest intent. The same intent that brought about A Love Supreme (Coltrane), Freedom Suite (Rollins), Members Don’t Get Weary (Roach), Planetary Unknown (Ware), and On Fire (Jordan). The focus on creating an expression that is both spiritually edifying and politically potent is the reason Lomax and Bayard chose the Yoruban phrase ‘Ogún Meji’ to represent their collaboration. A powerful member of the Orisha, Ogún is known as a fierce warrior who defends his people and fights against injustice while also being benevolent, using creativity and intelligence to lead humanity to its optimal vibratory self. His example is the perfect analogy to the body of work that Bayard and Lomax have produced since their first recording 16 years ago.

Their purpose is the work of reconnecting humanity to itself, and the music heard here, created from the very depths of their souls, reflects the complexities of human existence. It is created in a country where Black men, women, and children are as endangered now, as ever in amerikkkan history, yet its power comes not from anger, but from love. We are all related. All are one because all are made in One. We are all powerful because we all have the power to optimize our vibrations to change the world for the better of all humanity. That power is love, and we will find the freedom we have always had at the point where we surrender to the powerful essence of who we are as spiritual beings.

Peace & Power,
Mark Lomax, II
Columbus, Ohio
April 2015

The Art Of Sound: Download Only

The Ogún Meji Duo

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